Tăşnad has some of the largest geo-thermal springs in the region. An important thermo-mineral hydrographic field was discovered on the territory of the city, and in 1978 a 1,354 m deep well (no. 4,715) was drilled to capture the thermal water. The thermal pool has been operating in the „Leisure Area” of the city since 1978. The thermal water, which has a surface temperature of 72 ºC,  and a total mineralization of 9.84 g/l, is rich in sulphur, and bicarbonate (in terms of anion dominance) and in sodium-calcium-magnesium in the presence of ammonium and potassium. The soothing effect of the water account for the fame of the cures in the resort for external treatment, in degenerative rheumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases of joints, chronic peripheral neurological diseases, chronic gynecologic diseases (except for heavy inflammatory cases) post-traumatic affections, associated diseases (vocational, endocrine, metabolic diseases) as well as for tonicity, to keep up one’s physical condition, or simply for leisure purposes, with a combination of water, air and sun cures. Tăşnad Tourist Resort is 2 km far from the city center. Due to the benefits of its thermal waters, in the last years it attracted more and more tourists, both from the country and foreign countries.