Foieni commune is located in the Ier Plains, in the southwestern part of Satu Mare county. It is o locality of hard working tradesmen and farmers of German origin. The soil and location of this commune recommend it among industrial and agricultural investors. Besides the fact that foreign investors have given a certain pace to the commune’s economic life, there are also small local entrepreneur’s workshops: locksmith’s, joiner’s, car tin man’s, car repair workshop, dye works, and house painters. At present, the basic economic branches in Foieni are agriculture, animal breeding, and processing of agricultural and animal products. Besides the agricultural associations, in Foieni there are quite a large number of farmers whom try to work the land on their own. The locality has a youth choir which sings at the roman-catholic church, but also participates in festivals both in the country and abroad, an amateur theatre group and a brass band that gives concerts in the country and abroad. The social life of the locality is also influenced by the local traditions that are protected with utmost respect: wine contest, equestrian day, grapes ball, dedication day of the church.