Board of Management

The Board of Management is the executive managing body of the Association, and it consists only of Association members’ representatives. Representatives of members coming from cities shall not exceed 25% in the Board of Management. The Board of Management has 5 members appointed by the General Assembly for a 4 year period. The Board structure shall ensure a proper representation of all Association members in this body based on the principle of representation through rotation. The Board of Management consists of one president, one vice-president, one secretary, and two members. The president is elected by and from the Board of Management members. Each member of the Board has the right to one vote. The President of the Board of Management is also the Association’s President. The Board of Management ensures execution of the resolution of the General Assembly.
In exercising its powers, the Board of Management has the following tasks:

  • presents to the General Assembly the activity report for the previous period, executes the budget of revenues and expenses, the balance sheet, the draft of the budget of revenues and expenses for the next financial year, and the draft of the programmes;
  • presents to the General Assembly the Local Development Plan of the territory;
  • approves the Association’s organization chart and human resource policy, if the Statutes does not provide otherwise;
  • concludes legal deeds for and on behalf of the Association, excepting contracts exceeding in value the equivalent in national currency (i.e. RON) to 100,000 EUR;
  • decides about acceptation of new members and exclusion of members, under the provisions of the Statutes;
  • accepts donations, sponsorships, under the provisions of the law;
  • draws up its own organization and operation regulations, and submits the same for approval to the General Assembly;
  • decides, if necessary, about modification of the Association’s registered office;
  • mandates, if necessary, and under the provisions of the law, one or more persons in order to fulfill certain special tasks on behalf and in favour of the Association;
  • fulfills any and all other tasks stipulated in the Statutes or established by the General Assembly;
  • Selection Committee
  • Administrative Department

Board of Management for the period September 2011 - June 2012

  • Nume și prenume Funcția Sector de prezentare
     Lochli Mihai președinte  privat - Societate agricolă
     Veron Andrei Ștefan vicepreședinte  public - UAT
     Nagy Maria secretar  privat - ONG
     Ferencz Levente Zoltan membru  privat - ONG
     Marchiș Otto Gheorghe membru  privat - ONG