About the Southwest Satu Mare Local Action Group

The territory targeted by the Southwest Satu Mare Local Action Group is made up of two micro-regions: Tăşnad Micro-region and Carei and Ier Plains Micro-region. It includes 19 Administrative-Territorial Units, out of which 18 communes (Andrid, Berveni, Cămin, Căpleni, Căuaş, Cehal, Ciumeşti, Foieni, Petreşti, Pir, Pişcolt, Sanislău, Santău, Săcăşeni, Sălacea, Săuca, Tiream, Urziceni) and the city of Tăşnad. The total area of the southwest Satu Mare territory is 1,099 km2, with a population of 49,650 inhabitants, and a density of 45 inhabitants/ km2. The partnership that has been set up in order to implement the Local Development Plan consists of 100 members, out of which 22 entities from the public sector, and 78 from the private sector.